Tyler Hubbard (CD + Short Sleeve T-Shirt Box Set-Signed)


Ships on: June 20, 2024

The official limited-edition Tyler Hubbard cd box set featuring his debut solo album. This exclusive box set comes with a signed, custom-printed photo card packaged inside of the cd and a grey Tyler Hubbard t-shirt with the album track list printed on the back.

Box set includes:
Tyler Hubbard CD
• Signed photo card from Tyler Hubbard (packaged inside of the cd)
• Unisex t-shirt with a front and back print

Track List:
1. Dancin’ In The Country
2. 5 Foot 9
3. Baby Gets Her Lovin’
4. Everybody Needs A Bar
5. Me For Me
6. Tough
7. I’m The Only One
8. She Can
9. Small Town Me
10. Inside And Out
11. Out This Way
12. By The Way
13. Paradise
14. How Red
15. 35’s
16. Leave Me Alone
17. Miss My Daddy
18. Way Home

Limit 4 per customer